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What's up next?

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What's up next?

My artistic influences

Recently, I was assigned the task of writing about my artistic influences. I haven’t given my influences much conscious thoughts lately, but let’s give it a try now…

Well, clearly I have admired the SURREALISTS in my teenage years and still do today, particularly Dalì. Then, I also was introduced to ART BRUT by one of my college teachers (who was not an art teacher!). I especially like the pastoral patterns by Wölfli but also the graphic style of Tschirtner. Furthermore, I love BOTANICAL DRAWINGS, for example the scientific ones by Haeckel but also the illustrations by Lore Hummel. Also, I really like allegorical FANTASY PAINTING or photo compositions, especially the ones more on the dark side (not horror, but aesthetically transcribed emotive subjects).

To sum it up, it seems that I prefer art that reflects melancholic momenti.

Methamorphosis of Narcissus by Salvador Dalì

Kopfwelten by Adolf Wölfli

Friede ist by Oswald Tschirtner

Discomedusa by Ernst Haeckel

Wiesengeschichten by Lore Hummel

by Katerina Plotnikova
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