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What's up next?

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What's up next?

Participation in other artist’s art projects 2018-20

Begegnungsspuren 2018

Stefanie Seiler of Sastekunst is a very creative, openminded and proactive artist and art educator. In her creative lab “Art in open RoomZ” she develops ideas how to showcase art in unusual places and how to inspire passers-by. During the years 2015 to 2018, she time and again posted art calls to participate in creating “Begegnungsstühle” (“meeting chairs”) to be installed all over the Glattpark area in Zurich. Above is my small work submission for this project.

Spread your wings 2018

Kerstin Heinze-Grohmann – the artist, art education and organizator behind Vielfaeltig-Produzentengalerie – curated a “Festival der Karten” (“Festival of Cards”) in 2018. The cards were shown in two galleries in Switzerland and in Germany.

Jumping Mouse

Sherell Cuneo of Sew the SEEDS: Saving Earth’s Endangered and Diverse Species is a community arts quilt project about endangered species.

In 2018, she launched the ESA SOS Flag project. On the project’s site, Sherell wrote: <<The Endangered Species Act SOS Flag is a community arts quilt project that started as a reaction to the Trump administration’s attacks on the Endangered Species Act. The idea for a flag came from Kierán Suckling, the executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. Artists from all over the world came together and contributed. There are 50 stars for 50 states and 50 species on a tattered embattled flag. The quote on the stripes is from Black Elk “One should pay attention to even the smallest crawling creature for these too may have a valuable lesson to teach us.”>>

My contribution to the project is the Colorado Jumping Mouse, a tribute to my sabbatical in Colorado.

Sore feet 2018

Anne Kelly is a well known textile artist and writer of art books. She launched her Travel Tag project in 2018 and asked other textile artists to submit travel tags discussing the subject of migration and what it means to the people concerned. The travel tags were displayed in the Knitting & Stitching Show in London.

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