«Drawn to me»

Drawn to me

This work is part of the Bearded Men series, a series of portraits of – who would have thought! – men featuring (a lot of) facial hair. It is also a study of how a beard can symbolize many things – manhood, growth, wisdom, longing… Furthermore, the series shows stations of a relationship in a surrealisticly symbolic way.

Some thoughts about the piece:

  • visual representation of the attraction between two humans
  • drawn thought lines from the man to the heart of his partner
  • the heart as the vis-à-vis
  • the art admirer is the heart

The journey of the piece:

This piece traveled to Skopje, Macedonia, in summer 2016 and was shown at Paratissima 3.



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More Information

Year: 2016

Material: printed fabric, batting, yarns

Techniques: hand embroidery

Size: 22 x 16 cm



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