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What's up next?

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What's up next?

Worn series

art, embroidery, fiber art, fiber artist, hand embroidery, stitch, stitching, swiss artist, textile art, upcycled

Worn – a series of surrealistic needle paintings on worn denim.

What defines purity? 2017

Is a woman’s sexuality pure at birth?

Does life impure a woman?

Does desire impure her?

Does lust?

What about the purity of emotion?

About the purity of lust?

Is pure temptation impure?

Is pure lust impure?

– What defines purity?!?

Eye of the tiger 2017

guardian, protector, paladin

seeker, explorer, investigator

deceiver, beguiler, impostor

– The eye of the tiger

All quiet now 2017

Fall has come

Leaves have dried

Lips are sealed

Life has fallen

– All quiet now

En balance 2018

juggling fragility and strength

taking hold of time

– en balance

Your heart in my pocket 2017

Do we belong to someone?

Does someone hold our love?

Is that might?

Is that abuse?

Are we prisoners?

Are we free?

– Your heart in my pocket

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